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 Cover Story : Its Time for Guru Cool

 Correspondence courses....... most of us just look down upon those who got their degrees without attending regular classes. Or is that what you thought?

       With the Internet, distance education systems have charged for the better. The quality if interaction undergoes a drastic improvement with the Internet, and the same time, it makes studying anywhere in the world that much easier.

       Many educational institutes are turning to the Internet to deliver their courses. Today, there are hundreds of courses available from more universities and colleges than you can count. If you think the available options are dominated by the technology courses, you are in for a surprise. You can earn degrees in anything form arts and architecture to business management fro European, American and Australian colleges, which are equivalent to their own on-campus degrees. The benefits of distance learning are amplified by learning on-line. The most obvious and important one is that you do not have to be physically present in a class (sorry, here you can't easily have boy/girl friend.....!!!). Colleges usually charge a small premium of around 10% for online study but it still amounts to huge savings for students. And other extra expenses are prevented. The online education fits perfectly in working schedules. So when you feel free you can access them and study, day or night doesn't matter but study does matter !!! Students today find employment early in their lives, and are reluctant to give up o the exciting work for further education, but good professional course can improve effectiveness at work and these online courses do help here.

On every body's mind there will be a question how to select one that also on INTERNET...???

      This is the most frequent and common question asked. When you look for a college, you must be as meticulous as you would be when looking for a "bricks and mortar" college. Relying purely on College Website fir information can be risky. Anyone can put up a Website and submit it to a major search engines. Even the " .edu " domain is no guarantee of reliability. You should use the information they provide as a starting point and cross-check all aspects. The single most important factor when choosing a college is accreditation. With out proper accreditation you cannot pursue further education on the basis of your new degree, or even seek a job with many organizations. If the degree you earn is not recognized by an official accreditation authorities that cover the vast majority of courses. If your prospective college isn’t accredited with them, move on.

       Once accreditation is assured, you should confirm that your degree would be useful for further education - a master degree for instance. You should also look at the educational qualifications of the instructors. All good online educations sites allow you a preview of the learning program. Take advantage of this to examine course design and delivery method. You can compare the free/test drive courses to look for a good college on net. It is also a good idea to check out the message boards and if possible, to chat with students who are currently enrolled there.

Don’t read but Study…

cover story by:      
                 Sailesh K.            
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Cover Story  |   Bringing Web to Blind  |  Anoto Pen  |  Amazing FactsSuper Computer | Never Say Forever | Smiling 


             Now you have all pumped up and ready to buy your dreams systems. It’s time to prepare you for the agony of obsolescence. Processors get faster, hard drive get bigger, video cards add more features, the its goes on and on. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

           A few years ago, when processors made the big gap from 486 to Pentium, it represented a major shift for entertainment software designs. Within months, games required the speed of a Pentium and it became apparent that a 486 computer was not going to keep you on the cutting edge. However, even as Pentium III ‘s breach the 800 Mhz level, a Pentium 233 still runs most of today’s games. Upgrading to a Pentium II/III or AMD K6/K7 processor will add a noticeable speed burst, but it is not critical, unless of course you are buying a new system.

           The best way to control upgrade fever is to stay a step or two behind the technology curve. This will guarantee that you are not paying rollout prices for the layout processors or peripherals and it will let you take advantage of substantial price cuts when new versions are released.                                                                                              


Dhanya T.M.
(II B.E. C.S.E.)


(Communicate without computer) 

    Anoto Tech. Combines an ingenious pattern, advanced image processing, wireless communication and information infrastructure

By writing with the Anoto Pen on the Anoto Pattern, which can be printed on any surface, whatever you want to write, sketch or wish to communicate becomes sine.  So even if you don’t have a computer you get a pen to communicate.  And don’t be surprised the next time you see your friend scribing on his desk and on asking he replies, “ I am writing a mail to boss”.


Suvitha S.
(II B.E. C.S.E.)


       Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone say my grin when he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile then I realized it's worth. A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected! Keep the smile going by sending this on a friend.  


Everyone needs a SMILE. 
Viji R.
(II B.E. C.S.E.)


Amazing Facts!! 

Did you know that left handed people can buy pens with special nibs which are out a certain way to make writing easier ?

 You know that English has 26 alphabets but did you know that Singhalese has 54, it is having the maximum number of characters and the shortest is Hawaiian, it has only 12 characters

Every one knows that Dolphins are intelligent, but do you know how much intelligent?  They can detect a shirt button at the bottom of a tank, even when blind folded.  


Amazing facts            Viji R.
(II B.E. C.S.E.) 


 Today it is possible to construct a Super  computer using existing networked computers A software by name Cluster can be used to achieve this.  Assume a job to be executed in a single computer for 30 days to get the result, instead you connect 30 computers and split the work and despatch the work to all the computers ,the work will be completed within one hour.Even if the despatching and collecting the result   takes some times only an additional half an hour may be required to complete the work.

          Cluster will utilize as many computers on the network as possible to execute the jobs.Cluster can use computers available on a local area network as well as computers distributed  across the Internet. Cluster will execute the jobs, possibly several of them concurrently ,until all the jobs have been completed.cluster handles faults by automatically restarting individual jobs. A Job may fail for a number of reasons. The remote computer may fail or the network + connection between the local computer and the remote computer might become non operational. In such cases, cluster reschedules each failed job until all the jobs are completed. It provides access to remote computers in heterogeneous environments. cluster uses standard Internet protocols to communicate with remote computers. TCP/IP ,telnet and ftp.


Consider the following example.A user has written a discrete event simulation which models a shop. The model accepts parameters for The number of queues

      The number of servers
The arrival rate of customers
The average service time

The program takes the parameters from the command line and performs a simulation.It outputs the average number of customers serviced per hour as a simple number on standard output as well as echoing the input parameters.





 AirTrac has demonstrated a version of it's "WIRELESS WEB BY VOICE" technology that it says will allow blind & sight-impaired people access to the web for the first time. Clarence friend. AirTrac' s CEO said, "our technology allows wireless phone users to access the web ,but this demonstration shows that for sight impaired people, the ability to access the web using the spoken word is a great advantage. "AirTrac's tech will be available to cellular carriers & other specialist applications such as land live access to the web for the sight-impaired by the third quarter of this year. The technology also allow users to send & receive e-mail message containing either voice or text files.


Saveetha B.
(II B.E. C.S.E.)


Can define a Software professional in C++ ? If not, Here it is.........

 Class cSoftwareProfessional{


        double salary;

        long   lunches;

        float  jobs;

        char   unstable;

        void   work;














  FTP :Full Time Pass


Sailesh K.  
Final Year C.T.



Never say I love you
If you really don’t care…

 Never talk about feelings
  If they aren’t really there…

 Never hold my hand
  If you are going to break my heart…

Never say you are going to
If you don’t plan to start…

 Never look in my eyes
If all you do is lie…

 Never say hello
  If you really mean good bye
If you really mean forever
Then say you will try…  

Never say forever
  ‘Cause forever makes me cry…


 never say forever…  right
Sailesh K







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